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The trail is marked yellow (total 12.5 km - 3 hours 35 minutes)


1. part: the port of Saint-Tropez - Cannebiers Bay (2.8 km - about 50 minutes)

Portalet start is the tower to the left by the Tourist Office. It is the direction Tour Vieille, in the cemetery and follows the ungeteerten way to the "scourge of Graniers.


2. part: "Baie des Cannebiers" to "Plage des Salins" (6.2 km - about 1h. 45 minutes).

According to the "Baie des Cannebiers" and follow the path "Chemin de l'Estagnet" to the Cap Saint Pierre. At this point leave the coast, it goes past the "Pointe du Rabiou", "Pointe de l'Ay", "La Plage de Moutte 'to' Cap de Saint-Tropez," you reach the beach " Plage des Salins.


3. part: "Plage des Salins - Cap Pinet - Plage Tahiti" (3.5 km - approximately 1 hour).

After the beach "Plage des Salins," follow the path slopes to Pointe du Capon, "then the path halfway rock wall height.


4. part: route from Tahiti to plague Bonne Terrace (5 km - 1:30 min).


5. part: From Cap Camarat to the beach of Cavalaire (19 km - 5 hours 45 minutes).


6. part: From Cap Camarat along the beach at Plage de l'Escalet, Cap and Cap Lardier Taillat. Between L'Escalet and the Cap Lardier are all animals and plants under protection. (11.5 Km - 3h30). (11.5 Km - 3:30).


7. part: From Cap Lardier, on the beach "Plage du Gigaro" along the beach more of Cavalaire. (7 km - ca. 2 Std.). (7 km - about 2 hours).












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