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9 km 


La Vernatelle / Gassin, La Croix Valmer  Driving Range - Practice de Golf
After La Croix Valmer on the direction has left you on the left side a large sign indicating the route. Quiet, between Croix Valmer and Gassin idyllic La Ganz, offers an ideal site to protect your golf balls to warm to play with some.
Info at: www.lavernatelle.com 

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15 km 

PRACTICE DE GOLF DU GRAND PONT  Driving Range - Practice de Golf
All year they kept driving range offers the ideal conditions for your deductions.
Le Grand Pont Quartier des 3 Ponts - Port Cogolin
Info at: tél : 06 03 74 71 05

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18 km


Golf Club de Beauvallon / Var   18 - hole golf course at Beauvallon on the Cote d'Azur
Boulevard des Collines - 83120 Sainte Maxime
Embedded in a Provencal villa district on the hills of Beauvallon, with wonderful views of Saint Tropez and the front mounted bay, the 18 - hole par 70 private - Golf Course in Beauvallon. The length of the tour is 5570 meters. The golf course at Beauvallon is open all year round. La Croix Valmer and Gigaro minutes the place in about 20 away.
Info at: http://www.golf-club-de-beauvallon.com 


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25 km


Golf de Sainte Maxime   18 - hole golf course in Sainte Maxime on the Cote d'Azur
130, Avenue Célestin Montcocol 83120 Sainte-Maxime
6023m | Par 72 | Architect: Don Harradine et. The place is Peter's many slopes are due to be played with Voiturette plateau. Remarkable views of the sea and magnificent view on the.

Info at: http://www.opengolfclub.com/sainte-maxime/de/golf-sainte-maxime.html 


41 km


Golf de Roquebrune (Academic Golf de Roquebrune)  18 - hole golf course in Roquebrune
C.D.7 - 83520 Roquebrune sur Argens
Bunker, pitch and putt, putting green, driving range
Golf de Roquebrune is ideally situated between land and sea. In the heart of a pine forest near the Massif des Maures and the Mediterranean. Golf de Roquebrune is a pure delight, in full harmony with its natural surroundings.

Info at: http://www.golfderoquebrune.com/ 

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45 km


Golf de Valcros Hyères   18 - hole golf course in La Londe
F-83250 La Londe - les Maures
5270 m - par 70 Architect: Hawtree and Son bunker, pitch and putt, putting green, driving range
Golf de Valcros lies in a natural valley with streams and long fairways.
Info at: http://www.1golf.eu/club/golf-de-valcros-hyeres/  and  http://www.golfsud.com/valcros.html 

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46 km


Golf de Saint Endréol   18 - hole golf course and Spa at La Motte
Les Domaines de Saint Endréol Golf & Spa Resort, Route de Bagnols-en-Forêt  F-83920 La Motte-en-Provence
6169 m - Architect: Michel Gayon bunker, pitch and putt, putting green, driving range
Golf de Saint Endréol is a very prestigious, challenging course on the river l'Endre, who gave the name of the domain. Designed for players of all levels (handicap 30)
Info at: http://www.st-endreol.com/fr/ 

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62 km


Golf de Barbaroux    18 - hole golf course in Brignoles
Hotel du Golf Barbaroux, Road Cabasse,  83170 Brignoles
6068 m - Architect: PB Dye and Peter Putting green, driving range
In the heart of Provence, in a beautiful wooded landscape of 87 hectares, come to one of the most prestigious golf courses in Europe, the course Barbaroux. 
Info at: www.barbaroux.com 




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